UNPACK: Artist Residency

Abercrombie & Fitch

Iphone Cam

Here are a collection of some of my favorite images. I took these with my phone. You will see skateboarding, jiu-jitsu and street randomness. I think next time I go to Cuba or another country in general I am going to bring some type of film camera and some disposables too.

This is a skateboard signed by all of the skaters and friends I made in Havana.


Hollister is a sub brand of Abercrombie that focuses on the pre-teen to young adult demographic. The Hollister brand is inclusive, diverse, whimsical, and outgoing. All of these traits come out in their marketing. My role on the design team was to support the creative director. Often designing and creating assets for but not limited to social media platforms like instagram, twitter and youtube. On the left you can swipe through some of my favorite graphics created while on the team.

This was my first time in Havana and my first time working with Unpack Studio. My stay would last for three weeks. During that time I would be setting up to host an augmented reality workshop to local artists. The objective was to introduce AR to these artists who work mostly with traditional mediums and give them another tool to create with. Now that we have gotten the introduction out of the way, I will be sharing my experience with you through the journal I kept for three weeks. To see more go to the Unpack Page the top.

PepsiCo: Pepsi Music Factory

"The Pepsi Music Factory. A two city music and Pepsi party.

Where work is for the day time and as soon as the last time card is stamped and everyone clocks out... the real work begins."


The first event took place in Lexington, Kentucky at the Manchester Venue and the second event took place in Columbus, Ohio at the Bluestone. Attendees had the chance to discover new music while being apart of event experience. The creative team and I came up with an exciting way of experience the Pepsi brand through these events. Each attendee clocked in at the door where they received a time card. Scattered around the event where interactive activations that each attendee/PMF worker would go around and receive a time stamp after putting some work in. For example an attendee could walk by the giant LiteBrite and create images and receive a stamp. After a certain number of stamps they collect a keepsake.

Recap video of PMF shot by Lockdown Video

Hidden Layers:

Augmented Reality Art Series

Hidden Layers is an exhibition that gives viewers an opportunity to experience art in a new way. Guests are invited to interact with the work of artists who are using augmented reality technology to create "Hidden Layers" in their traditional artwork.

Incognito Conversation App

Nito Mode

Because They're Listening

Nito Mode is an incognito conversation app where the purpose is to stay as anonymous as possible. It functions just like any other communication app except the users are encouraged to make up all of the would be personal info that is requested by the app and its financial partners. So instead of your real name you would enter an alias or just something fake. All of the data that is collected is then donated to a charity voted on by the very app users.

The premise is to enter all of the wrong info, emails, phone numbers, birthdays, etc...the app creators will then sell all of that false info to add companies to generate funds for charities.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

Photo by Burst

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